Every person encounters seasons of emotional or relational turmoil, seasons when discouragement and pain seem to be the norm. Life Stream Counseling exists to walk alongside individuals, couples and families when they are experiencing seasons such as this. At Life Stream it is our goal to help people navigate the difficulties they are experiencing and to take steps toward the better future they desire.   At Life Stream Counseling you can expect:

A safe, confidential environment for healing and growth

Making the decision to enter into counseling can be a difficult one to make. You want to know that your concerns and your personal welfare will be treated with the care and respect they deserve.   At Life Stream we believe the type of relationship that is fostered between the client and the counselor is integral to having a successful counseling outcome. Our goal at Life Stream is to always seek to create a safe, confidential environment for each person.

A counseling approach tailored to your individual needs and goals

At Life Stream we believe that each counseling relationship is unique. Although there may be some basic principles that apply across the counseling spectrum we believe that each person who enters into counseling has a unique story, and unique goals and thus a tailored approach to counseling is essential. At Life Stream we take adequate time to understand your experiences and desires for counseling and then together we can formulate an effective plan that is consistent with the goals that prompted you to seek counseling in the first place.

New skills for relationships and life

When you enter counseling you probably know you want to feel better, but it is likely that you also want to know better. It is one thing to experience relief and healing during the counseling relationship, but it is another thing to acquire skills to better handle situations after counseling is over. At Life Stream we want to do both. We want to help you heal and grow, but we also want to better equip you for life. We want you to leave counseling better equipped than when they came in.


 “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.”  —  John 7:37

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